sábado, 5 de junho de 2010

I hate You (Don't leave me)

What's a consequence
Of over loading
On the truth
Then everything stops
And when you get a look
Inside of you
Learning to forgive
My love
Just my luck
I cut you off
But always take you back
My confliction
My addiction

I hate you
Don't leave me
To myself your bringing
The change
Me someone else
You bring and repair
Me always leave
Leave me behind
I'm totally same and all mixed up
I'm loosing my mind
With controlling
So please believe in me
Yea- ha, yea- ha

Starting from the
Left experimenting
With the rules
A crowd of strangers
Screaming at me
That i'm being fooled
Sobing and suffering
And all the while
I'm cursing you
I'm cursing me
My insanity

I cut you off
But always
Take you back
(i take you back)
What's wrong with me?
Why can't you see?

I hate you
Don't leave me

Deep and shallow
In confusion life
In love
Is an illusion
Almost tainted
I'm blinded wasted
What i'm really
Tryin' to say is

I hate you
Don't leave me

I Hate You (Don't Leave Me) - Ke$ha

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